Introduction to Prohibition Bureau History

Welcome to the Bureau of Prohibition.

In 1917 America became a dry nation. The Volstead Act made the manufacture and sale of alcohol a criminal offense yet this did not deter these practices. To enforce the new law the Bureau of Prohibition was created. This website will introduce you to the world of the Bureau. In this archive you will explore the events that brought about Prohibition and the Bureau, its agents daily activities, and the forces which ultimately brought down the agency.

Here is a quick introductory video to get you started:

To use this archive please click on one of the images below. The link will open a new window for you to explore that respective exhibit. Once you have finished refer back to this page to enter the next exhibit.

Rediscovery #: 08404 Job A1 10-099 NATF-Drugs 1910s and The Road to Prohibition

confiscatedwhiskey 1920’s and The Bureau of the Era

anslingership 1930’s and The End of the Bureau

For further reading please consult these manuals.




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